COVID-19 Policy

  1. Be respectful.

To other customers, to the artists, to the staff, to everyone in the building. 

We are all are excited to be able to dance, to enjoy live acts, to sing and lose ourselves in music again, but you have the right to feel cautious about this too. Please be aware that your views may differ from others in the venue and that people will be returning to the old ways at a different pace. Please respect this and use common sense, consideration and empathy. 

Although visiting Clwb might feel close to how it was prior to the pandemic, there will be differences. We have new policies, guidelines and rules that we must adhere too. These are new for all the staff, so please, be patient with us and respect our staff. It’s going to be a lot harder for them. Be nice. 


  1. Symptoms

Please don’t attend our events if you have any covid symptoms or think you might have been exposed to the virus.

Follow the latest NHS and government guidance and get yourself tested.


  1. Testing & Vaccinations

For many reasons (practical reasons, ticketing terms, effectiveness and more), we will not be operating a certification passport policy.

Instead we encourage everyone to get vaccinated if they can. This is the best thing you can do to protect yourself prior to attending our venue.

In addition our staff and all the artists performing at Clwb will also be encouraged to take regular Lateral Flow Tests so please do the same. Please take advantage of the opportunity of the free testing services that are available, both before and after attending the venue.


  1. Masks

All of our customer facing staff will be wearing masks. Please wear a mask if you can. We will not be making this mandatory. Please respect everyone’s choices to wear or not wear a mask. 


  1. Space

Be considerate. Use common sense. Be thoughtful. If someone is making it clear that they need more personal space – respect that and don’t challenge it. People are going to feel different. 


  1. Cleaning

We will have an enhanced cleaning regime in place, and we’ll be providing additional hand sanitisers around the venue. Please use them regularly. 


  1. Ventilation / UV Technology / CO2 Monitors

We have the following in place to help limit the potential spread of the virus and improve the air quality throughout the building.

We have ventilation installed on all three floors of the venue, and these will be in operation at all times.

We have installed 9 UV Air Filtration Units throughout  the building; three for each floor. This is a scientifically proven method of destabilising airborne pathogens, significantly reducing the risk of aerosol transmission of Covid 19 within our venue.

Finally, we have also installed CO2 monitors on all floors so we can continually assess the quality of air within the building.

Science and technology are great. 


  1. Test, Trace, Protect / Advance Tickets / Refunds

To comply with the requirements of test and trace we encourage you to buy your tickets in advance. Practically – this will help us quite a lot. It will speed up entry to the building and still enable us to contact you after the event if required.

If the event is not sold out in advance you will still be able to pay on the door,  but you will be required to provide your contact details to gain entry.

If you are concerned that you have a Covid-19, we will provide a refund. All you have to do is contact us before the event and provide evidence of a recent test.


  1. Card / Contactless Payments

To minimise the risk transmission through physical contact we will only be taking card payments  for the foreseeable future. Evidently, cash is not king.


  1. Risk Assessment

We have undertaken this risk assessment in line with the latest guidance  and it will be regularly assessed to ensure that we can continue to provide a safe environment for our staff and customers.

Like most hospitality venues, we need to be able to operate at full capacity at times in order to make our events work. Artists, promoters, sound engineers and all other staff need these events to go ahead. 

However  we need to make sure that they go ahead in a manner that is both safe and fun. These aren’t exclusive to each other, they can and will work side by side.