Hyll’s new single ‘Womanby’

Playlist – 31/01/2019

We love Hyll. Since playing their first gig at Clwb years ago, we’ve been obsessed with their luxurious pop, moody garage rock and attitudes.

After releasing the debut EP back in 2017, the band will release a brand new single especially for Welsh Language Music Day on the 8th of February! The title is Womanby, which celebrates this magical street (we’re not biased, promise). They convey the poignancy of the street and its oh so familiar history to it’s veterans.

Ma’ gen i gwaith yn y bore…. Ma’ gen i gwaith yn y bore!” We know the feeling Hyll.

Like the rest of their work, this singl has been recorded and released with Mei Gwynedd on Jigcal and the work behind it is truly fantastic. Plenty of fast 90’s fuzz, as if Built To Spill has thrown too many jagerbombs down its street on Womanby Street over the weekend. Well done Hyll. You’re great.

Enough bad descriptions from us. Listen to the single below! isod!