The Digital Preview of one of Cân i Gymru 2017 anthems

Interview – 27/02/2019

Y TWMLAD, BEEETH YW Y TWMLAD? DJ Dilys tells us why ‘Betsan’ is such an integral part to Wales’ history.

Fi’n cofio’r tro cyntaf, nes i glywed ti. Ges i twmlad sbeshal, yn ‘y mola i. If you haven’t already guessed, everyone’s favourite Cân i Gymru anthem – Eleri –  is being digitally released for the first time on March 1st!

Betsan’s name rose to fame in 2018 as one of those moments where everyone remembers where they where when they heard the song for the first time. Its a beautiful song that celebrates love, kisses, sunny days, and people called Eleri, and it still hurts to this day that it didn’t win. But – by re-releasing the song on Friday, I’m sure it’ll be rinsed on Spotify and turn Betsan and her wife into millionaires.

Although our efforts to re-name St Davids Day as Eleri Day have failed, there’s still a lot to look forward to on Friday. Tom and I (Dyl) will be in Clwb from 7pm to celebrate/insult some of the best/worst artists in Wales (lol joke, everyone is talented blah blah blah), so COME and we’ll be sure to…’joio eich cwmni’. GET IT, COS OF THE LYRICS?!

Words by DJ Dilys