Anti-Spiking Policy

– 03/11/2021

Here is Clwb Ifor Bach’s statement on spiking.

We’re angry and upset about the increasing reports of spiking around the country, including Cardiff. 

We want Clwb to be a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable to let themselves go and enjoy. It’s upsetting that anyone has to even fear the trauma of getting spiked – let alone go through it. 

We’d like to make it clear, that Clwb Ifor Bach does not take these issues lightly. Here is a list of what is already in place and a list of things we are implementing going forward.

Already In Place

  • All staff educated to look out for dangerous behaviour and how to deal with it  (more is being done about this – see next slide)
  • Searches upon entry for all clubnights
  • CCTV in all public areas of the building (except toilets) and bodycams provided for our security staff. 
  • Increased number of security since re-opening for all club events.
  • Zero tolerance policy on drugs 
  • Anyone caught spiking customers at Clwb Ifor Bach will get a lifetime ban and we be reported to the police

What we will do going forward

  • All night staff will receive further training specifically dealing with issues regarding spiking.
  • All night staff will be briefed to be more aware of these issues and reminded to look out for any suspicious behaviour.
  • We will be increasing frequency of drug searches on all clubnights.
  • We are ordering stop tops for the venue, these will be free on request (there is a two week wait for these unfortunately). Posters and tent cards will be up around the venue to make sure people are aware of their availability.
  • We are signing up to For Cardiff’s Cardiff Safe Spaces program.
  • Posters will be made up and put up in the toilets and foyer to inform people on how to recognise a drink that’s been tampered with.
  • We will highlight what we do to keep our customers safe on our socials and post it up on our website as well as put signage up around the building. We want to make sure that customers know that they can raise any issues they may have with a member of staff. 
  • If a customer believes that their drink has been spiked, we ask that they make a member of staff aware and we will replace that drink free of charge and investigate further immediately.