The Wave Pictures

Interview – 24/01/2019

You asked, they answered. Franic Rozycki of The Wave Pictures looks back at his time at Cardiff Uni and praises Germany’s good selection of meats.


Q. Does Jonny ever get confused for Robert Webb?

A. I had to look up who Robert Webb is, but when I realised he is that bloke from Peep Show I find it difficult to believe anyone would confuse Jonny with him. Being on tour with Jonny is like driving around with Jason Statham in the back of the van.

Favourite Cardiff Uni memory?

A. Constantly destroying Heddwyn Davies (now of The Threatmanticsat pool in the art college bar.

Q. Whats your favourite Cardiff memory (in general)

A. Lots of good nights in The Roath Cottage, playing darts and listening to Rod Stewart and Thin Lizzy on the duke box. I just looked on google maps and it appears that The Roath Cottage isn’t there anymore, which is a shame. It was an excellent pub.

Q. Other than Cardiff, where’s your favourite place to tour?

A. Germany is excellent all over. Very easy going fans who are always open to hearing different things, and the food is excellent, which is important on tour. Lots of delicious schnitzel, roast pork, meat loaf, sausages. Everything you need and no vegan food, which is becoming a problem elsewhere. 

See The Wave Pictures at Clwb Ifor Bach as part of Independent Venue Week 2019.