HINDS Talks on Tour

Interview – 08/11/2018

We sent over our burning questions to Hinds ahead of their Cardiff show next week and here’s what Carlotta (vocals+guitar) had to say:

Hinds kicked off their EU + UK tour in September having just finished their US and Japan tour. Along the way, the 5-piece garage-pop/rock powerhouse released a plethora of new stuff including a beautiful cinematographic video for ‘British Minds’ and a re-recording of ‘Rookie’.

Clwb: So, we love your video for British Mind, the white van is basically an icon in British culture! Where did the concept first develop?

Carlotta: well i was thinking that this video should be a come back to the style of the old videos of hinds, like a reunion with our personality with no ornaments. and in a night of insomnio i was thinking “where are hinds most of the time…?” what is their most natural enviroment??? BINGO. a van. hahah. and every tour, there is a super beautiful moment that nobody lives except us that is cleaning up the van and re packing everything that is around in our suitcases to take the plane. when you’re on tour you end up acummulating so much stuff (materially and emotionally talking) that this final day is like a goodbye to all that. so that what we recreated in the video. a mix of happiness and fun but also some nostalgia, as the song is. we’re so happy with the result.

Clwb: Which is your favourite track from the new album and why?

Carlotta: it changes with the time.. i’d say right now to me is Tester, with all those different parts and contrasts. right now i wish we did it a single hahah.

Clwb: We’re excited to see Sports Team support you guys in Cardiff! Who are some other artists from the UK you listen to?

Carlotta: pffii! a lot. we’re very good friends with wolf alice and glass animals and of course we’re huge fans of how much they work hard to be where they are, killing it everytwhere!

Clwb: I read an interview from 2015 in Loud and Quiet about your awareness of being women in the industry…One quote was “we always meet security guards who are like: ‘You guys are in a band? But you’re girls”. With this being 3 years ago, do you feel like this has this changed much since?

Carlotta: it is slowly changing and that feels great. the revolution is happening. and you know that the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible right?so i think that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Clwb: Your tour is pretty packed! Have you had time to go do some fun stuff in between? Have you got any plans for Cardiff?

Carlotta: hey, the fun stuff is playing!! don’t feel pitty for us for not having time to visit the cities or doing touristic stuff, because what we love is the people, and hell yeah we meet people. we go to places to visit your hearts, not your buildings.

Clwb: Diolch and see you in November!

Carlotta: hasta pronto 🙂