Pwer Festival Introduces: Soeur

In May, Pwer Festival brings the very best in young music to Clwb for 2 floors of indie, rock, pop punk & grunge.

Gav from FORT wrote some lovely stuff about one of the artists playing this year:

“I had heard about Soeur after the disbanding of Maybeshewill: I craved more and would incessantly look online for what the band members were doing. At the time there wasn’t much information about Soeur and after a while, the regular looking turned to occasional.
FORT and I have been attendees of ArcTanGent for a few years now and when Soeur got announced for 2018, it jogged my memory to check them our and I had missed an EP and two singles! After checking them out, I realised that this was something special. A cross between Metric and Reuben, with chunky riffs and half time breakdowns and those vocal harmonies…oh those vocal harmonies. Tina and Anya definitely give their band name justice, it is like they are linked. The vocal crossing on ‘Whole Me’ from their latest EP hasn’t been done so well for a long time.
And then we saw them at ArcTanGent. It was there I found out Matt or FORT held Soeur’s drummer Jim in very high regard too – a hero even. His last band (Amy Grindhouse) had even supported them previously. While Matt was swooning over Jim’s stickmanship, I was falling in love too – with Anya’s Zoot Suit Les Paul and Tina’s Telecasters.
The whole band is in sync. Hair swinging, riffs and drums. A proper rock show. And then they played ‘Fight’…what a song! It took the show to another level. The back and forth vocals, gradually getting more intense in a full on rock assault. I was won over, as was the rest of the crowd.
Cut to later in the year, we were offered an opening slot for Soeur in Clwb Ifor Bach and I was bouncing off the walls for about a week. It was such a great show too, with fellow Pwer Band, Peaks (who smashed it! Go check them out!) supporting too. Soeur came on and commanded everyone’s attention from start to finish. It was intimate, it was raw and they made a lot of new fans that day.
When people describe Soeur, the usual sentences appear which can be a bit annoying; ‘the are like Hole but…’ and ‘female-fronted’. How about they are a great fucking band?”

Catch Soeur, FORT and Peaks at Pwer Festival in May.