Clwb is expanding

Clwb Ifor Bach invites you to view our new home for music in Wales

Clwb Ifor Bach Redevelopment Walk Through (Nissen Richards) from Clwb Ifor Bach on Vimeo.

Ground Floor
500 Cap
First Floor
Second Floor
300 Cap
Roof Terrace
Ground Floor
First Floor Balcony
Second Floor

Our vision

For 35 years, Clwb Ifor Bach has brought the world’s artists to Wales – and Welsh artists to the world. Bands like Super Furry Animals and Stereophonics started small here and went on to make it big everywhere.

We haven’t just given young people a place to go out. We’ve given them a place to grow up. A space to learn their craft. Somewhere to start and develop a career in music. Engineers we’ve trained now tour the world. Promoters who cut their teeth putting on our shows now run their own festivals. People who got their first taste of cultural life by stepping through the doors of Clwb Ifor Bach have gone on to develop a lifelong love of art in all its forms.

We’re taking one of Cardiff’s most recognisable venues and making it bigger.

We’re planning to take over the building next to ours and join it with our existing building to create a venue fit for the 21st century. Fitting of its historic Womanby Street location. This will allow us to host more gigs and club nights. It’ll allow us to entertain more people. To continue to champion Welsh culture and language in all its forms. It will allow us to develop more artists, host more workshops and seminars, and to train more engineers, technicians, administrators and promoters. With a bigger home, we’ll be able to reach more people across Cardiff, across Wales, and beyond.

This has only been made possible through Cardiff Council agreeing to acquire the building next door, and leasing it to us on a long term basis. The steps they have taken to safeguard Womanby Street as the beating heart of the city’s music scene is allowing this to happen. This gives us the space to be able to expand and it is through their intervention, that this redevelopment has been made possible.

The Arts Council of Wales has provided funding and advice to enable us carry out a feasibility study. This support allowed us to work with a specialist team to create concept designs and business plan for the re-development. It’s thanks to the crucial role these two organisations have played that Clwb Ifor Bach is moving next door – and moving up in the world.

The venue won’t just build on our heritage, it will contribute to our community, to the Welsh economy and to the fabric of Welsh life. And it will play a critical role in making Cardiff an internationally-recognised music city, the capital of a country that’s synonymous with song. It’s time to give music in Wales a new home.