Vice City: Fleetwood Mac

Thursday 30/09/2021
  • Vice City: Fleetwood Mac
  • Date: Thursday 30/09/2021
  • Time: 11.00pm
  • Price: £3 - £8
  • Age Restrictions: 18+
  • Venue:
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Fleetwood Mac all night long!

Cardiff it’s been an eternity BUT… The FLEETWOOD MAC Night is finally back for round 3!
Go Your Own Way and get them requests on the wall – though Rumours have it we’ll be playing them all anyway
Mac attire encouraged…
So what is this… Then? Vice City is a DJ based club night paying homage to the greats from the 70s and 80s.
When everyone has just about arrived, we play nothing but the artist that the night is dedicated to, for 90 mins. All the songs you came to hear, on a massive club sound system!
After that we’ll take you through our all star playlists, with frequent repeats of the themed artist too
(This is not a band set up, it will be Vice djs all night long)