Sunday 31/03/19
Clwb Ifor Bach

Upset The Rhythm 15th Anniversary

Sauna Youth, Trash Kit, Rattle, Robert Sotelo
7:30pm | £10 | 16+

Next March, the London-based record label and promoter Upset The Rhythm will be marking their 15th anniversary with a label showcase tour around Britain. Representing many of Upset The Rhythm’s current UK roster.


Sauna Youth
An evolving band of future humans making truly irregular punk, not quite comparable to anything else. “Weird” is a meaningless platitude and “art punk” is a classifier that shouldn’t be required.

Trash Kit
They have a wild feel for melody, writing songs that pull at the reins with a spontaneous charm. They’ve become the glowing core of London’s DIY underground. Their music is primal yet thoughtful, affirming yet sincere, drawing on the potential of post-punk and the naturalism of an internal folk music.

Robert Sotelo
Sotelo’s verdant world of sound is at once intimate, choosing to build songs up from ambitious layers of instrumentation into miniature psych pop overtures of genuine sincerity of feeling.

An ongoing musical project concerned with experiments in rhythm, metre and tension. Their songs swirl and envelop with all the physicality and drama of another world pulling together around its own shifting centre of gravity. The drum beats phase and sidestep, they trade accents and overlap, providing a suitably alive terrain for the vocals to explore similar tendencies of pattern.