Thursday 19/10/17


7:00pm | £6 | 16+

Rascalton recently exploded from the rehearsal rooms of Glasgow, a taut, ambitious new guitar group with bags of energy and aggression.

TheiR debut single ‘This Is It’ was a remarkable statement of intent, a blistering, riff-laden, foot-stompin’ monster that captured their precocious live sound; whilst new cut ‘Lust’ follows hot on its heels, and it finds Rascalton snapping hard with a boisterous chorus and a tight-knit verse. Support comes from The Tates who absorbed the mainstream, mixed it with the alternative then spewed forth their own unique vision. Influences range from The Libertines’ poetic raw energy to the death disco of early New Order. Cardiff natives Al Moses complete this line up with their youthful indie rock.