Juno Boirch live at clwb ifor bach cardiff wales

Juno Birch: Attack Of The Stunning

Wednesday 13/04/2022
  • Juno Birch: Attack Of The Stunning
  • Date: Wednesday 13/04/2022
  • Time: 7.00pm
  • Price: £20 - £37.50
  • Age Restrictions: 16+
  • Venue: Clwb Ifor Bach

Juno Birch is a zaney Drag artist and comic whose 1950’s housewife-sheek meets space alien aesthetic has gained them a ton of traction online and a large social media following. Their hilariously funny ‘out of this world’ show ‘Attack of the stunning’ will leave you reeling with laugher and begging for more.

“Meet Juno Birch, a sculptor-turned-drag-queen whose alien-meets-1950s-housewife look is impossible to forget. Obsessed with makeup and dressing up since she was a child, Birch suffered from body dysmorphia and bullying at school as a transgender. But using humour as an infallible weapon against bigotry and ignorance and first focusing her talent on small clay figurines, she’s now bloomed into a divine and hilarious artist.” – Metal magazine