Friday 2/08/19
Stagedive Collective


7:00pm | £7 | 18+

Junior are a 3 piece band comprising of a WWE wrestler on bass/vocals, a guitarist/vocalist who also writes entrance themes for pro wrestlers, and a drummer who runs a mental health non-profit. Ya know, pretty standard stuff.

In May 2019, Junior premiered the first single ‘Playing The Part’ off their debut album, “Beautiful Life”, which will be released on the 2nd August.

The most important thing you should know is that Junior are a fun band. The kind of thing that’ll remind you of being 13, borrowing your mate’s walkman and hearing Blink-182 for the first time. Or that feeling of eating too many sweets at a sleepover and laughing til it hurts. Picture that, mixed in with a dose of Biffy Clyro inspired riffs and heartfelt lyrics about finding out who you really are, and you’re pretty much there.