Dirty Pop’s 13th Birthday!

Saturday 25/09/2021
  • Dirty Pop’s 13th Birthday!
  • Date: Saturday 25/09/2021
  • Time: 10.30pm
  • Price: £4 - £7
  • Age Restrictions: 18+
  • Venue:

Dirty Pop turns 13!

So, we have survived 13 years in “Clubland”, lived through a global pandemic and witnessed The Pop Landscape change beyond recognition (Girls Aloud RIP, the ascent of Gaga, “Ed Sheeran”).

To celebrate this mean feat, we are going to be doing what we do every Saturday – playing a lot of dance music that sounds like pop music and pop music that sounds like dance music.

And by “we”, we mean “us”, i.e. Esyllt and Ian, otherwise known as The (Teenage) Dream Team.

Come and join us on 25 September to celebrate in style. Get your heart racing in your skin-tight jeans*, we can dance until we die** etc etc

See you on the dance floor!

*this is not an enforceable dress code, dw
**let’s hope not, we’d like to see 14 in as well