Tuesday 22/10/19
Orchard Live


7:00pm | £14 | 16+

The re-release of the remastered album “9Bach” (Real World Records) later this year, will see the band tour their critically acclaimed self- titled debut for the very first time. The album, which recasts traditional Welsh folk songs onto a spectral and haunting sound canvas will sees them tour several venues across the UK , offering audiences a rare chance to see this stunning act live.

Formed by Martin Hoyland and Lisa Jen, when Martin over-heard Lisa singing in her kitchen!, the band’s first gig was at Greenman in 2005 with their first request for a cd being from Bonnie Prince Billy. Since then they have collaborated with artists all over the world, received rave reviews and played global stages, yet they have never toured this album!

Songs that take you to the North Wales landscape, filled with emotion as the heart and sould of each story is revealed through compelling and exquisitely sung narrative. Etheral voices and dubby beats combine with harp, guitar harmonium and extremely smart arrangements.