Scott Matthews

  • Scott Matthews
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  • Cyfyngiadau Oedran: 16+
  • Lleoliad: Clwb Ifor Bach
Enillodd albwm Scott Matthews, Passing Stranger, ganmoliaeth ddifrifol iddo gyda’i gymysgedd beiddgar o ganu folk, roc, blues ac ysgrifennu caneuon a ysbrydolwyd gan y Dwyrain, gyda’i sengl gyntaf ‘Elusive’ yn ennill Gwobr Ivor Novello.

From here Scott went on to perform on a number of international sell-out tours with artists such as Rufus Wainwright, Bert Jansch, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Foo Fighters, Snow Patrol and Tori Amos. His follow-up albums saw Robert Plant come onboard for a guest contribution on second album, Elsewhere, and legendary bassist Danny Thompson appearing on his third release What The Night Delivers, having encountered each other whilst performing in Joe Boyd’s stage production of Way to Blue – The Songs of Nick Drake. Championed by Lauren Laverne as ‘a big favourite of ours’ and Huey Morgan as being ‘something else’, Scott’s musical dexterity and experimentative approach to song-writing and home-recording continued to excite over the course of the next several albums released on his own label, from the intrinsically poetic, acoustic purity of The Great Untold, to the daring and audacious forthcoming album New Skin. His latest sound is swathed in Eno-esque electronica and Thom Yorke-centric uncovering that channels the driving energy of ‘80s Springsteen. Rock and ambient. Acoustic and electro. Matthews has never sounded so vital. Never sounded so fresh. Never sounded so energised. And never sounded so good.