What’s Your Future Chromatica: Dirty Pop Pride Special!

Clwb Ifor Bach News – 16/08/2021

Dirty Pop: Pride Special!

2020, eh? What a year. It started off like any other, with ace brand new singles like Spotlight by Jessie Ware, Physical by Dua Lipa and Stupid Love by Lady Gaga blessing the Dirty Pop dance floor like the sweat that drops from the ceiling of our DJ booth when it gets too hot in there (always a sign of A GOOD NIGHT). You loved dancing to them, we loved playing them. We couldn’t *wait* for the albums they were teasing which would be released imminently, we were told.

But wait we did, because that’s what we had to do. Never have three albums summed up the sound and feel of Dirty Pop like What’s Your Pleasure by Jessie Ware, Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa and Chromatica by Lady Gaga. They were everything we could have wished for, delivered expertly by three of our and your favourite artists. And so in isolation, we listened to them and we danced. In the kitchen, in the living room, in the garden, wherever we could, because there were no dance floors to take the usual pounding from our eager feet.

Throughout lockdown we always talked about having a listening party of all three albums when we could. But now we can go one better. We can have a DANCING party. So on Saturday 28 August – Bank Holiday and traditionally Pride weekend in Cardiff – we will open the doors extra early and play all three albums in full before transitioning to our club night as seamlessly as Chromatica II into 911. We’ve never done this before, but then we’ve never had to shut a club in a global pandemic before. Join us on the dance floor as we save a kiss, hallucinate and serve it ancient city style. And if the sweat drops from the ceiling of our DJ booth when Rain On Me comes on, it will have been worth the wait.