New logo for Clwb Ifor Bach

Clwb Ifor Bach rebrands to align their past, present and future.

Clwb Ifor Bach News – 03/02/2020

Clwb Ifor Bach adopts new identity to represent the variety of things they do, aligning their past and future as well as solving problems they’ve encountered by promoting externally.

Since 2016 – we’ve been promoting more and more events externally, outside of Clwb Ifor Bach on a mission to keep working with developing artists that start their journey at Clwb Ifor Bach and grassroots level venues across the country and progress to larger venues. 

We’ve also been busy planning on developing the venue itself by taking over the building next to ours and expanding the current location – you can read all about that here.

To represent this, multi-disciplinary studio, Nissen Richards have designed a new identity for us as a venue and promoter. The different elements tie in our history, our future and solves the problem of a music venue promoting shows outside of it’s own premises!

The logomark is based on a birdseye view of the blueprint of our current location (the two rectangles on the right) and the building we’ll be expanding into (the rectangle on the left). The logomark is paired up with a typographic logo mixing different weights of a typeface, representing the variety of things that we do.

The branding also runs through all visual elements of the company with a set of new poster templates, the new website, backdrops and even our entrance stamps.

Throughout the new identity, you will find various textures used as graphic elements found and sampled from around the building to reference the tactile nature of Clwb Ifor Bach. 

The designers responsible for the new branding are from the same studio as those who were responsible for our initial expansion plans; Nissen Richards. It made sense to partner up with their graphic design department after working so closely while they designed our vision for a future Clwb. 

We’re very happy with the new identity and look forward to moving forward with it.