12 reasons why you should come see ReuVival

Interview – 07/06/2019

Firstly – question: who the fuck is ReuVival and why are they playing Friday night of Tafwyl in Clwb Ifor Bach?
ReuVival is what Gareth Potter and Mark Lugg (Tŷ Gwydr) ar calling the band these days and they’re awesome…

“But they’re DJs – i watched them at the Eisteddfod in Cardiff”

Yep, but there’s much more to them than mixing vinyl, CDs or MP3s and they’re gonna show you all of this in the live show…


Look just listen to these – a dozen reasons why you shouldn’t miss one of the most unique gigs to happen this year:

  1. LEGENDARY STATUS. They’ve been on the scene since the mid 80s when they formed Traddodiad Ofnus in Brighton in 1984. They have 3 tracks on the revolutionary collection GADAEL YR UGEINFED GANRIF (1985) on the label Anhrefn, side by side with Datblygu and Anrhefn.
  2. WELSH TOURIST BORED –  Traddodiad Ofnus released this album on the German label ‘Constrictor’ in 1987, and according to Rhys Mwyn, its oen of the best Welsh hidden gems ever. ReuVival will be singing 3 of the songs from the album for the first time since the 80’s!
  3. THEY’RE FFYCIN COOL – yes, maybe they are older than your parents, but Mark Lugg was one of the first people to mix art and performance in a band by designing and selling the band t-shirts on his clothing label AFIACH. At the same time, it was impossible to go to a Welsh gig without seeing at least a half dozen hipsters in the crowd wearing Lugg’s colourful shirts.
  4. METAL! No, not that heavy music, but drumming instruments taken from skips and scrap yards. Traddodiad Ofnus used the sounds to create striking rhythms and ReuVival will be re-capturing this practice…
  5. POP NEGATIF WASTAD – after leaving Traddodiad Ofnus, Gareth Potter changed direction to be part of PNW with Esyllt Anwyl. Recently, Ankst re-released their LP through PYST – and the songs sound fresher than ever. This os one of the first Welsh electro-pop records to be released and you’ll get to hear a few of those as part of the ReuVival show.
  6. Cool fans – the queen of Welsh and Cornish electronic music, Gwenno is a big fan and the star of Y Dydd Olaf’s DJ sets often includes songs like Welsh Tourist Bored or Kerosene.
  7. By the start of the 90s, Ty Gwydr performances were part of folklore. Acid House, electronic beats and T E Ch N O taking the dance floor by storm with a feast for the ears and eyes, and everyone on the scene beginning to discover the dance element in their sound.
  8. CEDWYN REU – the cartoon character that came alive in Reu’s clubnight.
  9. NOSON CLADDU REU (REU’S FINAL NIGHT) – Datblygu, Wwwzz, Beganifs and a first performance for the group called Diffiniad. With Tŷ Gwydr of course at a huge rave in Pontrhydfendigaid.
  10. Gareth Potter wrote and performed the stage show Gadael yr Ugeinfed Ganrif (Leaving the Twentieth Century) as a love letter to a generation that changed Wales and it’s music forever. The show was adapted into a gripping film for S$C in 2014.
  11. The live band includes members of Yr Ods, Twinfield, Topper, Clustiau Cŵn a Hanner Pei. Its going to be amazing!
  12. THEY DON’T GIVE A DAMN – and this makes the whole idea of a gig with them more exciting than ever. Just buy a ticket for yourself, and your favourite person to go out with, and COME! You really won’t want to miss this…

Hawlfraint Jenny Rhyfeddod 2019